About us
  We are a dynamic enterprise that is lead by Architect Denise Vaiser with experience in different design fields since 1998.
Projects are created with a deep knowledge in architecture and zoning requirements and the process necessary to obtain the building permits.
We work with the best professionals and advisors, civil engineers, safety engineers, sanitation, transport, and others.
Our office offers the following services
Architectural design of private homes, and residential buildings and buildings for different use purposes like residential and office or commercial areas.
Planning, zoning and changes in land use.
Design, renovation, and reinforcement against earthquakes of old buildings.
Our Philosophy
Design that will offer an environment with individualized character for every project and customer.
Global solutions between exterior and interior design.
Maximum use of all areas and best alternatives.  
Design that will enhance the importance of the balance between functionality and style.  
Personal, warm, open, and direct communication with every customer.  
Land planning
Land planning is the base to get permits which maximize the relation of land use and size of plot.
We make urban projects in order to change or add additional uses for the lot, building areas or height permited.

Projects are made also to divide a plot in two or more plots or to merge them in to a bigger plot. For exemple the change of use from agricultural land in residential use with a permited number of units and building area.

In addition to planning we do the follow up of the projects during its different stages coordinating with the government offices for their approval, and permit.

How do you select an architect for your dream house ?
    The architect is going to be part of your life, and will become the main object during the project of the future house of your dream. Therefore, there are some important factors that you have to take into account at the moment in which you will decide in choosing him.

It is important to take into account the personality of the architect in order to have compatibility temper with you.
The architect has to be patient and has to know how to listen, and understand your dreams, needs, and taste.
You should feel comfortable, trust, and have an open,sincere ,and streaming communication, you should feel good with him. All of the above will allow the architect to get closer to you, and know you better so he or she will be able to make the better design for your hose.

Knowledge and experience
You should hire an architect that has a deep knowledge on construction, and urban rule of actions. This professional should know very well the proceedings to obtain the required license. It is the real manner that will allow you advance fast your desired project.
Architect credentials:
You should ask your Architect's credentials like is diploma, license, and in this way to be sure you are in front of a professional.
Zone plot where the house is going to be built:
The architect has to know the city and the municipality where the building is going to take place. Every city and municipality has is building rules, procedures and demands. Over all there is a bureaucracy or red tape to go through; therefore, the architect must know all the procedures in order to save time in getting all necessary permits.

Advise and recommend
It will be wise to talk to some customers of the architect about the quality of the work and services received. Ask if this professional is reliable, is given to his work, if he is easily available, if is easy to work with, and finally if the customer is satisfied with the final results of is work.
At any account you should remember that results are only an indicative since
It is only a project done to a third party with different needs, and different terrain conditions; therefore, we cannot judge the architect work only through our point of view, our taste, and requisite.

How do you program your house?

The base of our house project is the program which we should incorporate and elaborate in conjunction with our architect.
It is important for you to think about the most important aspects of your way of living and check with the architect the rights of building to be build on your lot. In the same token you have to take into consideration the budget you have allocated for this project.

The next step is to check your family parameters. How many people belong to the family? Way of living? How many rooms do you require? Do you like to cook? It is important for you to have a pantry?
Do you like to have frequent, and big parties, or meetings? Do you work at home?

With all these information you elaborate the program with which you have to begin the project of your dream house.

Which are the most popular building methods used in Israel?

Conventional construction
Use of concrete bases, floors, columns and beams, with bricks walls build in place.
It is the most popular building system used in Israel.

Prefabricate construction
In this kind of system, the parts of the house are fabricated in a factory so that construction consist mainly in assembling and uniting standardized parts for columns, concrete beam, walls, floor, roof, even security room.
The big advantage in this kind of construction is time of construction.
The disadvantage could be the lack of flexibility in architectural design, and to make waterproof in the building’s joints

Light building with metallic structure
The construction is done with metallic structure on a base of concrete floor.
The rest of the floor is done with metallic structure, and concrete.
The internal walls are made of drywalls with acoustic and thermic isolation.
The external walls are made of several, and different layers.
The internal walls are made in dry walls Layers for acoustic and thermic isolation, and external layer manufactured in different manners according to the manufacturer or factory. Those walls have in general a width of 15 cm.
The finishing could be done with frieze and paint or with recover of stone or brocks.
The fast construction is the big advantage of this kind of construction, better isolation that in the conventional building, flexibility in design, and future changes in the building.

Light construction with wood structure
It is a similar way of construction as the metallic structure with the difference that in this case we are talking about wood structure.
It has the same advantages than the metallic, but the disadvantage could be that the wood could have troubles with bugs; therefore, it may need periodic treatment.
In Israel it is used frequently this system in vacational huts.


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